• 57 First Prizes or Champion at International contests: IMSO, HOMC, APMOPS, IMC, MIMO, AMC8, AMC20, IKMC, South East Asian youth chess, Dance sport,…;
  • 32 National First Prizes in Cultural subjects 
  • 36 First Prizes in contests for 9-grader students on city level;
  • 224 First Prizes in the districts of Thanh Xuan, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay and Dong Anh.


  • 100% of the students achieved the required knowledge, skills; 
  • 100% of grade 5 students reached Flyers, B1 and B2 English level;
  • 24 First prizes in the National TOEFL Primary; Valedictorians at high quality Junior high schools;
  • 477 awards in Culture, Art, Sport at domestic and international contests;
  • 10 Gold medals at the South East Asian youth chess championship, Champion of the National youth chess championship;
  • 1 Gold medal at the Asia – Pacific Art festival;
  • 2 Gold medal at the Best Mozart Performance art festival;
  • 12 Gold medals at National Violympic contests;
  • 8 Gold medals at the National level of the    IOE contest;
  • Best school nationwide award in the TOEFL Primary contest 2018;
  • Top 10 National English Champion on 2017, 2018.


  • 100% of the students completed the learning target;
  • 1.308 Awards in Culture, Art, Sport at domestic and international contests;
  • 80% of the students passed the entrance test into prestigious high schools (Math, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Literature Specialized classes) with 6 Valedictorians;
  • 90% of the students reached B2 level in English. 30% achieved 6.5 – 8.0 IELTS score;
  • 9 students received ASEAN and A*STAR scholarships at NUSH, Anglo – Chinese school,… 
  • 5 students are granted scholarships from United States, United Kingdom colleges and universities.  


  • International Mathematics Contest;
  • International Mathematics and Science Olympiad;
  • Malaysia International Mathematics Olympiad;
  • International Young Mathematician's Convention;
  • Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad;
  • American Mathematics Competitions;
  • International Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad.