• Help students acquire basic knowledge foundation;
  • Develop creative thinking, initiative and creativity;
  • Foster skills proficiency: deductive, analysis, compile, presentation, group work;
  • Organize effective self-learning; Confidently express oneself;
  • Orientate students professionally, advance learning in accordance to capability and aptitude.

IN 2022

Every Arcer will be equipped with: 

1. Standard National Curriculumn – MOET;

2. Advanced Curriculumn;

3. English Skills;

4. Theoretical and practical knowledge in Science;

5. International approach in every field.

Every Arcer will be able to:

1. Be fluent in Vietnamese and English;

2. Exercise physically at least 1h/day;

3. Know how to survive in different circumstances;

4. Participate in at least 1 community activity;

5. Participate in international exchange courses and events.