ThS. Nguyen Thuy Hang

1996 – 2014 | High School Teacher specializing in HN Ams

2007 | Founding member of Website

2008 – 2014 | Founding and operating Learning Center

2012 | Founder and CEO of Archimedes Secondary School

2015 |  Founder and CEO of Archimedes High School

2019 | Founder and CEO of Dong Anh Secondary, Secondary & High School Archimedes High School

Official representative in Vietnam of: IMC Union - Singapore;

MIMO – Malaysia; IYMC – India;


“I wish that children, in addition to comprehensive care, education, including knowledge, skills and ethical qualities, will be interested in fostering mathematical thinking development, linguistic thinking, and communication skills. and work to become global citizens, benefiting society. "
-ThS. Nguyen Thuy Hang - (Founder of the system)

Archimedes School established its first school - Archimedes Academy Junior High School - in 2012 in the context of difficult but equally competitive domestic education. Education is related to the future of the young generation, so we understand our role and mission. We are ready to take on challenges to assert our pioneering position in Vietnamese education. In order to solve core issues, develop and foster human resources and synchronize reform, we have been carrying out the following strategic tasks at the same time:

1. Enhance and further expand teacher training programs by leading experts in the fields of Math, Science and English. Offering unique lecture approach. Developing curriculum to enhance the strong subjects of the University.
2. Accelerate the globalization of education by expanding international cooperation and cooperation with prestigious schools in countries with developed education. Frequent teacher and student exchange programs. Actively organize cultural exchange activities, as a bridge to bring Vietnamese students to regional and international Maths exams.
3. Efforts to expand the influence of the educational system in particular and the society in general through quality teaching activities and practical, meaningful programs and activities for the community.
4. Focusing on establishing and maintaining regular activities of different types of clubs in order to maximize the potential of students, aiming to develop comprehensive competencies for learners.
5. See English as a second language and compulsory English training for all teachers and students.
6. Constantly striving to build a dynamic and creative working environment. Encourage teachers to improve their self-study, self-study and discussion capacity.

To accomplish this strategic task, I believe in the hard work of every teacher, staff and student of the school - who are working hard together. I believe in the achievements of students and colleagues over the years. We have been making continuous efforts to train students to be useful citizens of society.