1.000 day journey to fulfill your dreams at Archimedes Dong Anh High School


Archimedes Dong Anh High School introduces special courses for 108 students born in 2004 and ensures that after 3 years of study, all students will achieve IELTS from 6.5 and get into top 10 universities in Vietnam.

In these classes, students are responsible for their own future through a special commitment between the school representative and students themselves. Archimedes guarantees to provide comprehensive training programs which include subjects in University entrance exam, specialized subjects (for specialized classes), foreign languages , Information Computer Technology, sports, art and survival skills. Among them, specialized subjects and University Entrance Subjects are taught by highly qualified teachers and examination experts so that students do not need to attend extra classes but still have desirable outcomes.

The big difference lies in the fact that it is students who make decisions and are the source of inspiration of doing thought-to-be-impossible things. We will certainly make a young generation who is willing to face up with any challenges, set goals and strive for achieving them. Their determination, confidence and courage which are cultivated in 3 years at school will facilitate students to achieve bigger success in the future such as studying abroad, becoming popular in  universities and global citizens in the era of integration. 

Details of courses:

1. Special courses:

  • Number of students: 48 
  • Conditions: Benchmark scores of Hanoi Education and Training Department from 32 (Math x2 + Literature + English)
  • Results: Enter Top 10 universities in Vietnam, IELTS 6.5 and being competent in IT and application.

2. Specialized courses:

  • Number of students: 60 students, including Maths, Physics and English-specialized classes.
  • Conditions: Qualified (have Notice of entering school from specialised schools with specialised subjects which was registered)
  • Results: Enter Top 10 universities in Vietnam, IELTS 7.0, SAT 1.500 and being competent in IT and application.

Benefits of the courses

  • Do not need extra classes
  • Study with examination experts 
  • Study ICT/English/SAT
  • Have chances to take part in major examinations of the city and the nation
  • Have high possibility of studying abroad 
  • Stable tuition fees in the whole course (3 years): 60 million VND/year 
  • Have good health
  • Commit and be willing to carry out prior plans with our school

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