An impressive Halloween by ADAS students


The festival “Halloween Freedom Spirit” took place cheerfully at Archimedes Dong Anh School on October 31st, 2019. Arcers dressing up as little wizards, superheroes, princesses and so on flocked into the school yard with great excitement. On Halloween, the school was turned into a colorful garden in fairy tales.

Two weeks ago, students took part in many interesting activities to prepare for this festival. They were instructed how to carry out classroom decoration projects, learn about Halloween customs, make “Trick or Treat” candy baskets, role-play, dance and sing Halloween traditional songs.

In the festival, students would feel free to become their favorite characters, catwalk, join the school flash mob with a lot of fun. Asking for candies, or “Trick or Treat” is a tradition on Halloween day. Therefore, students were extremely happy coming home with baskets full of candies.

Apart from enjoying themselves with their peers, students were also encouraged to unleash their creativity and learn about the diversity of cultures. This is the background for their comprehensive development and the ability to integrate into the world.