Archimedes Dong Anh: Excited with Kick-off 2019


In order to create the bond between staff of Archimedes Dong Anh, the Board of Management and The Principles have organized Kick-off 2019 for the school staff. The event lasted for2 days from the 6th to 7th of June, 2019 at Paragon Hill resort, Ba Vi.

Nearly 100 school staffs joined the event in the natural and premium 5-star resort where there were a variety of playful activities such as teambuilding, discovering secret letter, cooking competition, conquer yourself, etc.

Besides, a ceremony was held to share and reflect all the things that had been done. Kick-off 2019 has created new relationship and connection. It is a meaningful event in which the whole school can exchange for deeper mutual understanding and stronger unity with a view to the development of Archimedes Dong Anh.