Archimedes Dong Anh School began the noise-control Campaign


The noise control campaign began at Archimedes Dong Anh School on August 26th, 2019. The aim of the campaign was to enhance the quality of the learning environment and ensure the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities. The emphasis of the campaign was to protect our auditory system.

After a month, the message of the campaign was spread by a variety of activities, including:

  • The usage of visual features such as posters and icons in the powerpoint slides shown in the classrooms which enable Arcers to form healthy habits of noise control during their lessons.
  • The civic education teachers spent 15 minutes at the beginning of their lessons during two consecutive weeks raising students’ awareness of noise control within specific educational contexts.
  • Students watched videos to improve their understanding of recent noise pollution issues and their consequences, as well as the need for noise control activities.

The campaign posters were hung in all classrooms

The icons illustrating noise warning signs were shown in the slides during learning activities, which enables Arcers to create healthy habits of noise control during their lessons.

Changes after a month of implementation:

  • During the lessons, teachers issued a command with respect to noise control. Different lessons have different expected sound levels. For example, the expected sound level for exam time is 0, for group discussion is 2.
  • Students actively communicate with others by noise-warning signs.
  •  Noise control is one of the indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of group activities.
  • Noise control becomes a tool to assist teachers during lessons and other learning activities.
  • Students in different areas start forming positive habits with respect to noise control.

Let’s participate in this campaign together, Acers!