Benefits of boarding schools


Boarding schools are increasingly becoming a priority (the most elite educational option) for a large number of parents due to the exceptional benefits which they are targeted to provide for their children such as comprehensive education of personality, good peer cooperation, self-discipline, teachers’ sharing and company, good security, and so on.

Nowadays, thanks to the economic development, high-quality boarding schools are no longer the same as those of 70s - 80s generations as they are capable of providing all kinds of personal needs from students. Moreover, in this kind of educational environment, students are educated to be independent, responsible, and respectable. Besides, they are encouraged to develop leadership and love for others which are crucial qualities of modern people (the foundations for the formation and development of a child’s personalities)

The following outstanding benefits of a comprehensive and experiencing educational environment are expected to reassure your right choice for better preparation of your children.

1. Students are educated to be independent

Living far away from their parents, children have to live on their own. They need to learn how to make arrangements for their study, routines and outdoor activities without parents’ instructions in order to fit the school’s schedules as well as their own abilities. They are supposed to show responsibility for all of their own decisions in the hope of becoming more mature.

2. Students get on well with their peers and improve teamwork skills

Boarding students spend all of their time with their friends and teachers without going back home after school, so homesickness seems unavoidable. However, being with (enjoying the company of) friends and teachers, especially taking part in well-organized and disciplined activities will be their beneficial experiences. That will also help them know how to live harmoniously with people of different characteristics and to cooperate with others, which will be an essential skill for their future jobs.

This stands as the most typical benefit of boarding schools. For those who get poor results from school and have need for more assistance and tutoring, available friends and teachers around are really necessary. As a result, boarding students are said to have better skills of doing teamwork and better abilities to adapt themselves into a new environment compared to their counterparts from other kinds of school.

Due to the typical features of boarding schools, their students live and study with one another most of the time; consequently, get to know their friends better, which helps tremendously build up their long-lasting friendship and invaluable relationships for their future. At two-day weekends, they still have chance to go back home for family union, enjoy cozy dinners with other members, and create more bonding experiences together.

3. Parents find it secure and reliable

At boarding schools, students are trained to be high-self-disciplined. They have to follow strict rules as follows: they are not allowed to go out of the school without permission, time is fixed for their routines, they are taught to use public services properly, and so on. The ultimate purpose of those regulations is to serve students’ safety and develop their self-discipline. Therefore, parents can feel peace in sending their children into such secure and fresh environment where no social evils or any kinds of crime would penetrate.

4. Teachers are always beside/stand by their students as friends

In a boarding school, students have chances to interact with their teachers in a variety of contexts where they take different roles such as a teacher in classroom, a coach in sport activities, a partner in a team work, or even a friend in small talks. As a matter of fact that teachers are approachable whenever they are in need; hence students can get their help easily and in time. This also helps to improve relationship between students and teachers and may lead to tremendous opportunities of better study and tutoring for students, which may not be that available in other environments.

5. Good preparation for higher education in Vietnam and abroad.

Boarding students are well-prepared and be able to self-prepare necessary skills for higher education and new environments of studying abroad such as independence in study, good communication skills, personal (self) development, self-adaptation in multi cultures.

It has been estimated that boarding students have better learning results and more opportunities to be enrolled into well-known universities (with good reputation) in Vietnam as well as in the world. Furthermore, they are provided with better foundations of knowledge about the subjects that they are going to study at tertiary level, and feel more confident to overcome possible challenges in new environment.

In the hope of providing parents and children with all of the above benefits, Dong Anh Archimedes School targets at building up a boarding school system to equip generations of students with sound basis (firm foundations) which will bring them to the world. (so that they can have total confidence to step into the world). This kind of educational environment is expected to open the door (to open more chances) for every student to gain more useful experiences and become more mature.

With the timetable for 5 per 7 days studying at the boarding school, students are supposed to self -manage their personal lives. They can get help from assistants (teacher staff) whenever they get into trouble throughout the time they are present at school. At weekends, they can choose to go back home or stay at school. Classrooms and single-gender dormitories are separated in different areas which are all managed by teacher staff. In order to create the best possible conditions for students to study, there are a variety of available services such as mini marts, canteens, laundry, medical and health service, food and beverage services.

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