Meeting the Arcer who chose Archimedes over 3 high schools for gifted students


With his strength in nature science, especially Physics, Nguyen Duc Duy (Class 9C2, Archimedes Academy Secondary School) brilliantly claimed First Prize in Physics at the Competition for Advanced Students (Olympiad) grade 9 and was directly accepted into High school for Gifted Students – Hanoi University of Science, and High school for Gifted Students – Hanoi University of Education. Duc Duy has also successfully passed the entrance exam to the Physics specialized class of Hanoi – Amsterdam High school for Gifted Students. Having achieved respectable results and opened up various choices, Duc Duy has decided to continue his education at Archimedes High School in Dong Anh.

Duc Duy has shared that he loved how Archimedes built a learning environments for students, how the teachers care about each individual, all the opportunities for development and the scholarships that the school always try to offer. As a result, Duc Duy only participated in the entrance exam for the sake of learning and self-evaluating. He and his family had already decided that he would commit to Archimedes. His exam result has brought joy to him, his family, and his teachers. It will certainly be a great motivation for him in the journey ahead.

Mr. Tang Hai Tuan – Physics Teacher and Duc Duy’s homeroom teacher – said: “Not only is he a well-rounded student with a special passion for Physics, Duc Duy is also a student who does not fear stepping out of his comfort zone and willingly challenge himself on the big stages.” Aside from the First Prize in Physics in Competition for Advanced Students in city-wide level with a perfect score of 20/20, this fella also snatched the Silver Medal at the International Mathematics Competition, Silver Prize at the Hanoi Open Mathematics Competition…

Now Duc Duy is really excited about his education at Archimedes High School in Dong Anh. The new school will begin operation starting this upcoming school year with a diverse curriculum, consisting of various extra-curriculum activities, science projects, self-developing, and career orienting…, which Duc Duy is truly interested in. We wish him all the best and hope that he will have a wholesome experience at this school, and his education will continue to bear fruits.