Primary School Arcers, Dong Anh enthused about Golden Piggy Bank program


Running bean sprout farm or breeding piggies – little but meaningful things that Arcers at Archimedes Primary School Dong Anh are doing every day.

Samples of bean sprout farm have proceeded in class 1A6 and class 3A1. The first crop has been joyfully harvested by the students. Participating in the program, the students could not only learn about the life cycle of a bean plant and the process of growing beans, but more importantly, it could educate them about recycling and raise their awareness of environmental protection as well.

The Golden Piggy Bank program, which was pioneered by the School Youth Union and the Youth League, is participated actively by all Arcers. Besides the bean sprout farm, other classes have conducted a number of activities to raise funds such as making cards, making paper flowers for sale, doing housework, saving pocket money or collecting cans and paper, etc.

Arcers Dong Anh hope that these programs will become successful and widely developed so as to pass on the positive message of loving and caring for the less fortunate. The fund, eventually, could help send poor children to school.

See more images about the program here.