Small Actions: Archimedes Dong Anh contributes to environmental protection


A journey named "Let’s Go Green" is being implemented at Archimedes Dong Anh School (ADAS), with the goal of spreading the message of green lifestyle practices, raising the awareness of environmental protection.

That goal is being realized by the simple and inspirational actions of ADAS’s students, teachers, and staff. Let’s follow the stories, the small actions, to form the positive habits that contribute to environmental protection at ADAS below.

1. Limit the use of plastic bags

The school administration always calls for action: limiting the use of plastic bags in schools. Changing the habit of using plastic bags has gradually been applied firstly in some areas such as: the canteen and the cafeteria. These two areas in Achimedes Dong Anh School have stopped using plastic bags to store and wrap food; plastic bags were restricted from food suppliers and weren’t used to line the trash.

2. Do not use plastic spoons, plastic cups, plastic straws at the canteen

At the beginning of the school year, instead of using plastic cups and spoons, the school has used stainless steel bowls, cups, spoons and completely eliminated plastic straws to minimize plastic waste causing environmental pollution.

3. Use a personal water bottle

The use of personal water bottles helps reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles or plastic cups. Plastic bottles have affected the health of users, the discharge into the environment also causes serious pollution to the ecosystem. Not only that, the individual water bottles are mostly made from genuine PP plastic, which does not negatively affect human health. Therefore, teachers always encourage students to bring individual water bottles to school.

4. Classify waste

Sorting your waste will make it easier to handle leftovers, plastic waste or paper towels.

5. Remove the foam boxes completely from the school canteen

According to many scientific studies, the majority of porous waste is difficult to decompose causing impacts on human health and the environment. Therefore, the foam boxes were completely eliminated from ADAS.

6. Plant more trees

Contributing a "green lung" to life by planting more trees in the classrooms is a small action of ADAS’s students. Using the ideas of decorating their “GREEN” classrooms, the students have planted aquatic plants from familiar fruits such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, etc.

7. Collect and recycle milk cartons

Milk is the most popular drink on the daily menu of Arcers. So, the number of milk boxes used and discharged into the environment is relatively high. Many students think their shells are made of paper so they can decompose. However, milk cartons are more difficult to be recycled than plastic as they are made of cardboard and the inside is laminated with polyethylene or plastic. So, the Arcers came up with the idea of collecting milk cartons to recycle into many other useful products such as pots to plants like bean sprouts, flowers, or even turn them into handmade toys.

ADAS looks forward to the support and sharing from students, parents, teachers and the public who care about the environment.