STEM FEST – A marvelous Arcers’ science fair


In a series of activities to sum up the school year, “STEM FEST” science fair held on May 20th at Archimedes Academy has brought an interesting scientific experience to Arcers including amusing science plays and rocking robot dancing, etc. It was indeed a colorful and meaningful event that fostered the passion for science at Archimedes Academy.

STEM FEST 2019 was held with the companion and participation of STEM educational organizations such as Edison Lab, Creative Gara, Kidscode STEM, TEKY Steam Academy, S3 Creative Academy, etc.

The fair started with a stunning and creative robot dancing performed by Arcers. Then, an amusing play called “Choosing a son-in-law through science obstacles” with various types of challenges such as putting an egg into a bottle, sticking a needle in the ball without blowing it or “fire hand” contest.

Among all performances, the fashion show (inspired by school subjects using recycled materials such as papers, raincoats or nylon bags) was one of the most exciting activities and got all the love from Arcers and teachers. Class 7C1 toke their inspiration from Maths with many shapes of triangles; 8A1 chose raincoats and nylon bags as their muse; 8C2, on the other hand, was inspired by spaceships; finally 6C3 – the youngest who fell in love with IT – chose the name “Hero Keyboard”. From just simple used papers, these so-called 6C3 “artisans” designed surprisingly attracting robot outfits.

Especially, Arcers from each grade had chance to experience different yet useful STEM activities such as pre-cooperating robots, exploring the solar systems or solving wooden jigsaw puzzle.

With the direct help from teachers in STEM educational partners and Archimedes Physics teachers, this experience was successfully delivered. It helps build up students’ love for science, particularly STEM activities and created more passion for studying. It also contributes to bring STEM into schools and form STEM clubs…