Study CASE – The biggest exhibition of teaching products in school year 2018 – 2019


Taking place in 4 days from May 20th to May 24th, Study Case exhibition is in the chain of activities of Summar Gala, summarizing the school year with creative and practical models, pictures, handmade products in order to promote teaching and learning activities. It is also one of the activities that receive the warm welcome of all divisions and all students.

All products in the exhibition are done meticulously by students under the guidance of teachers. A lot of meaningful, highly applicable products are applied right in studying during the exhibition period.

Bringing to Study Case exhibition, the English-language division has a lot of innovative products such as “Vietnamese people in the eyes of international friends”, “Popular dishes of Vietnam”, “Vietnam landscapes” and especially the application “SCRABBLE”. This is an English-language puzzle game that helps students improve their linguistic reflexes, enhance team spirit, team work, agility and thought to discover complex English words.

The booth of the Talent Division displays paintings of different materials from lead, oil paints to powder colors, lovely small potted plants, handmade utensils…

Paintings of literary works and moving paintings… are practical products of Literature Division.

Some photos at the Study Case exhibition: