Arcers Connection 2019 – The gift of “bonding” for new 10th grade Arcers


With the message “Connect to generate power”, Arcers Connection 2019 Summer Camp provided students of Archimedes Dong Anh Highschool the opportunity of meeting and bonding with new teachers and friends. The journey of 3 days and 2 nights from the 12th – 14th of June, 2019 took place at one ecotourism destination – Paragon Hill Resort.

In three days, 10th grade Arcers participated in many exciting activities that helps them to understand more about themselves, learn how to work as a team and practice essential life skills.

On the 1st day, after getting to know each other’s and being grouped into teams, students started their trip of climbing to Paragon Hill observation station. The mission was to find the upstream of the river, conquer the Great Tan Mountain…, all of which are challenges that require both mental and 

physical endurance. Though the mountain road is slippery, and the weather is hot, it did not slow down Arcers to conquer the top, located at an altitude of 500m above sea level.    

Teambuilding activities were taken place in the afternoon. Not only these are fun activity, they also help students to exercise their strength and team work… Everyone has to try their best to win victory.

The second day of experience is a dramatic race with the activity of “Searching for the hidden letters”. At each stage, the letters are coded in different forms and the task for each team is to decode that letter to win.

Solving the hidden letters requires quick logical thinking. Besides, teambuilding games in the mail also require coordination skills and tactics from team members.

In parallel with physical activities, Arcers also exchanged and talked with Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – Former CEO of FPT Corporation, Vice Chairman of FPT University, join the “Arcers’ Concert”. 12 performances from 7 teams made a colorful music night, with many different personalities. But it’s all the same in the new, pristine, proud of being the first 10th grade Arcers, ready to step into a new learning journey.

Not only that, practicing life skills is also an important part of the program, when Arcers had to organize and prepare four meals throughout the journey. Students had to do everything together, calculating the amount of ingredients, cooking and presenting dishes, and do the washing-up together.

Surely the period of Arcers Connection Summer Camp has left in the hearts of every 10th grade Arcers memorable memories. Hopefully, through this experience, rich interactive activities, you will learn many things, discover your own values, train endurance about physical strength, cohesion and understand the general spirit of Archimedes School.